Never Completely Submerged

The story of the Squarson of Lewtrenchard as revealed in The Diary of Sabine Baring-Gould.
Transcribed & set in context by Ron Wawman |

Never Completely Submerged

Another Diary,

a Notebook, Letters and a Previously Unpublished Book:

Never Completely Submerged, covering the years 1880 to 1899, was the first part of a tetralogy of important primary source material to be transcribed, researched and annotated by Ron Wawman. The other three parts are:

  1. A notebook kept by Sabine during his formative adolescent years - 88 pages of A4
  2. An earlier diary notebook from around the time of his ordination - 147 pages of A4
  3. Some substantial collections of letters some of which date from his last embittered years. These are presented in three parts under the overall title:
    The Last Thirty Years of the Life of Sabine Baring-Gould as revealed by correspondence with others -
    273 pages of A4
    Part I: Correspondence with Sabine's eldest daughter, Mary Dickinson
    Part II: Correspondence with Evelyn Healey
    Part III: Sabine's Last Years. An Overview
  4. A previously unpublished book 'The Growth Of Religious Convictions' written during the last years of Sabine's life and now transcribed, annotated and introduced by Ron Wawman.

All of this new material adds substantially to our understanding of Sabine Baring-Gould but none of it lends itself easily to publication in book form. Ron has therefore decided to publish it online. Sabine's adolescent notebook and the early diary notebook, both unabridged and fully annotated has been accessible on this website, and nowhere else, since December 2010. In May 2011 these were joined by the letter collections.

1. To browse Sabine’s Adolescent Notebook, c. 1849 to 1851, click the link.

2. To browse Sabine’s Diary Notebook, 1862 to 1868, click the link.

3. To browse The Last Thirty Years of Sabine's Life click the relevant links;

4. To browse Sabine's previously unpublished book please click the following link:
The Growth of Religious Convictions, by Sabine Baring-Gould. Edited by Ron Wawman.